Young entrepreneur encourages others to be their ‘brother’s keeper’

Youngsters at the Sunshine Home for Girls were happy to receive the gifts from Pattish Alexander (far left)
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By Carlena Knight

“Making a difference, one day at a time” is the mantra one young entrepreneur is living by during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a time where people are being encouraged to be one’s ‘brother’s keeper’, Pattish Alexander is living up to that phrase. On Thursday, she donated a number of items to the Sunshine Home for Girls in Urlings.

The facility is a safe haven for girls deemed to be at risk.

Alexander, through her own efforts, donated close to $200 worth of food supplies on Thursday.

“I think these institutions are often forgotten by people in general, but I want to make a change and by doing that I did a little research on the home and decided to get in contact with the relevant persons there. Sometimes it’s not how much we give but how much we love,” Alexander said.

She has now indicated her intention to start a charity dubbed “making a difference, one day at a time” where she can continue to impact lives.

“It’s just the beginning of new blessings. The look on those girls’ faces made me feel extremely good knowing that they were indeed thankful and happy. It was just heartwarming talking to them. It’s really not about how much we give but it’s about how much love we put into giving.”

Alexander is encouraging others to not only join her cause but to give willingly to those in need.

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