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Staff/students at Nelvie N Gore Primary honour King Swallow in their own special way

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Covid-19 vaccines to come on stream early next year


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Our politics limits our democratic potential

Caribbean leaders and their parties are known for longevity but this is something some analysts believe stagnates the constant reform which a democratic and elective system should bring to a nation. The principle question of this discussion is “How much have Antigua...

Fix education to fight crime

The idea that stronger reactionary measures reduce crime is refuted and experts say that a flawed education system is a key contributor to deviance. The principal question of this discussion is “What solutions are needed in order to curb crime and deviance?” An...

Corporate surveillance Bill ‘does more good than harm’

The Bill which some say imposes undue corporate surveillance on behalf of international authorities is hailed for possibly doing more good than harm for the sake of transparency. The principal question of this discussion is “What level of transparency is needed in the...

Analysts say give independents an ear

Antiguans and Barbudans are being urged to take after their neighbours in the Cayman Islands and lend an ear to the cases put forward by independent electoral candidates. Nine independent candidates swept into office in the recent Cayman Islands general elections –...

'Integrity Chair should recuse himself'

Chairman of the Integrity Commission Radford Hill is being called on to recuse himself from the commission's investigations into a land deal in which he involved as an attorney. The transaction involves the son of the Prime Minister. The central question of this...

Carnival needs room to evolve, participants say

Key participants in Antigua's Carnival activities are arguing that the festival needs to be allowed to adapt to the changing tastes of a modern audience. They say there is undue insistence on following traditional event plans. The central question of this discussion...

New MP’s welcome the possibility of recall before their term

Newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Bahamas say their Free National Movement (FNM) plans to introduce provisions into law to allow parliamentarians to be recalled by their constituents before their term in office ends. Bahamas MP’s Elsworth Johnson and...

Experts say a long-term plan needed in tourism sector

Professionals in tourism and marketing have agreed that Antigua & Barbuda would benefit greatly from 10 year to 20-year plan for the development of its hotel industry and its tourism sector. They were speaking on this week’s edition of the Big Issues on the...

Principal says negative reinforcement is promoting delinquency

A secondary school principal is calling on the public to curb the practice of labelling and negative reinforcement toward youth if the public in turn, want youth to curb delinquency. Principal of the Ottos Comprehensive School Foster Roberts was speaking on this...

Analyst suggests MPs should solely be legislators

A constitutional reform proponent has called for the creation of a legislature where representatives act solely in that capacity and do not split their roles as ministers of government. Advocate for Profound Constitutional Reform John Anthony-Rullow was speaking on...

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