YASCO promised by March

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The country’s lone track & field facility, the YASCO Sports Complex, will be completed by its original March end date despite a recent  halt to civil works there.
This is according to Minister of sports, EP Chet Greene, who made the disclosure during his presentation on the 2018 budget in Parliament.
“I want to say to our young athletes, work has commenced. We had a little hiatus over the Christmas season when everybody opted to do things other than this kind of work, but work has resumed, I am assured by Dr. Lucien Hanley at Public Works and that the delivery date of March 29, 2018 is still the date to which we are working of delivery of the track at YASCO,” he said.
The state of the facility has severely impacted the country’s athletics programme and has forced ministry officials to postpone their marquee sporting event, the Coca Cola Inter-schools Track & Field Championships.
Senior and junior athletes have also resorted to training outside of the facility, afraid of risking their health on the inadequate track.
Greene sought to lay blame on the previous government for the facility’s current state.
“For 10 years nothing is done, and mark you the Labour Party built YASCO somewhere back in the late 80s or early 90s. A government called the UPP came to office for 10 years and did nothing, not even a bulb they changed. They paid over $400,000 claiming an attempt to build a bathroom,” he said.
The government, through the National Olympic Committee (NOC) has secured funding from the Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO) for the purchasing of a new surface.

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