Lake for Kentish, too little too late

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A political analyst and long-time member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) has said that if Eustace “Teco” Lake, Member of Parliament (MP) for St. John’s Rural South favoured Sharon Kentish to run there, he should have publicly supported her in November.
In November, Kentish was fighting for support at the constituency and party levels in her bid to become the candidate, as by then, it had become apparent that Lake would not be running due to the party’s concern over his health.
Analyst, Dr. Oswald Thomas yesterday said, “He made an error. It would have been a big help at the time to have publicly endorsed her when she declared her candidacy.”
Dr. Thomas said  that Lake should “have stood up with her then” and his public support would have redirected what support he still had in his constituency behind Kentish even though Gaston Browne, ABLP political leader, favoured Daryll Matthew for the seat.
He was speaking on Sunday’s Big Issues on OBSERVER radio.
During an interview on OBSERVER radio last Monday night, Lake said in one instance that he would have supported Sharon Kentish as opposed to Matthew, however, in that same appearance he gave support to Matthew and also made statements about his candidacy as an independent.
It remains unclear who Lake favours to run in the seat which he now holds, and which he will not hold for the ABLP after the next election, according to the ABLP political leader.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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