Violent family feud lands two in hospital

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A brawl between a Bolans man and his son ended with the two being rushed to the hospital with “serious” injuries to the head and shoulder.
According to a police report, Erskin Davis, 48, and Akeem Davis, 23, were embroiled in a heated argument at their home on Monday night when Akeem armed himself with a cutlass and his father picked up a piece of wood.
Akeem fired a chop at the older Davis wounding him in the right shoulder. In retaliation, Erskin swung the stick at Akeem’s face, striking him in the right eye and lip.
Erskin’s wife reported the matter to the police.
The ambulance was summoned to the scene, and both men were transported to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre where they were admitted in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

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