Humane Society develops model animal care programme in Barbuda

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The Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society said it is working to create a model animal care programme on Barbuda which could be duplicated on the mainland.
Karen Corbin, executive president of the non-profit organisation, said in an interview yesterday, “At the end of the day, Barbuda will be in a better shape because there will be a dog kennel there, which will essentially be a dog pound.
“Every dog on Barbuda will be registered and microchipped. A huge water trough will also be put in place to provide fresh water for animals who roam around.  They are going to be in a better position concerning animal care than they were before the passage of Hurricane Irma.”
The local organisation, which plays an important national role in animal welfare and control, was given the mandate to oversee animal care on the island following the passage of the Category 5 storm.
The dogs, cats, goats, sheep and donkeys were left behind by owners who like all other residents were mandatorily evacuated from the island following the devastating hit it took from the hurricane.
Corbin said the humane society is responsible for all animals excluding wildlife.
Those animals fall  under the ambit of officials within the Department of Environment.
Providing a status update on the work of the organisation thus far, Corbin said, the agency has partnered with the Donkey Sanctuary in the United Kingdom to assist with the donkeys that are now posing a threat at the Codrington airport.
“They are playing on the airstrip at the airport which is a dangerous situation. So, we are looking at the possibility of assisting the government with fencing the landing strip to keep the donkeys off,” Corbin said.
She said a visiting veterinarian has also travelled from Kenya to help with the care of livestock and horses.
Special emphasis is also being placed on the dogs that are reportedly attacking livestock on Barbuda.
(More in today’s Daily Observer) 

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