UPP political hopeful demands apology from labour party MP

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Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) MP Asot Michael will be sued if he does not retract alleged defamatory comments he made about opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) political hopeful Chester Hughes on March 11.
Hughes issued the warning of a lawsuit in a letter to Michael on March 15, and in that letter, Michael was told he has 14 days to comply.
Failure to do so within the timeframe would result in a defamation suit immediately thereafter, Hughes stated. Hughes wrote to the St. Peter MP through his lawyer Charlesworth Tabor.
Michael made statements about Hughes’ character at an Antigua Barbuda Labour Party rally on the night of March 11 – Sunday night.
The comments were also broadcast on the labour party’s Facebook page and have since been circulated on numerous other social media platforms, including Whatsapp.
The comments cannot be repeated since this would amount to the same defamatory act of which Hughes complains.
The letter threatening legal action states, “Your statement conveys grave defamatory imputations against my client. Most importantly, you have made this statement knowing fully well it was false or you were reckless as to whether it true or not.”

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