Pick up your ID cards, check the register

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The register of electors has been posted according to the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission – ABEC.
The register of electors is the final list published of all those who will be eligible to vote on polling day slated for March 21st.
A press release from ABEC says the register can be viewed at the High Court, the St. John’s Police Station, the St. John’s Post Office, the Archives, the Public Library and ABEC’s Central Registration Unit on Factory Road.
At the same time ABEC’s Public Relations Officer Elisa Graham is asking those who have not collected their voter’s ID card to do so immediately.
On the subject of the register of electors she says that in the future in may be posted online.
She reminded that the register is the final list as the period for claims and objections ended on March 5th.
Download the full list of Election register locations here.

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