UPP engages the business community

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) on Thursday hosted members of the business community to roll out its policy on how it intends to increase local investment and related issues should it boot the incumbent Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) from office.
The business and networking luncheon was held at the Sandals Grande Resort even as Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced in the Parliament that the general election would be held in “a matter of weeks.”
When asked if the event was too little too late given the imminence of the polls, Damani Tabor, party PRO, disagreed.
“We believe that the engagement and willingness of the business community to litigate and interpret and ponder upon new policy is at its high point and this is the optimal time to roll out our full policy agenda.
“And so far we believe that this has been more or less well-received; they’re excited about the repeal of the unincorporated business tax which is not only a drain on the topline profits but it’s an administrative drag upon these businesses,” Tabor said.
He also pointed out the UPP’s plan to peg the cost of fuel and electricity to international crude prices so that businesses could realise savings.
“With those savings they have more capital for expansion. This will not only benefit them but also all of those job seekers would benefit from the employment boom that would come from mass expansion in the private sector.”
Meanwhile, the party spokesman said they will be ratcheting up campaigning throughout the constituencies. He also responded to a concern from one attendee about the lack of a UPP presence in her community.
“Sometimes in terms of the perception of the on-the- ground presence it has to do with the disparity in size in constituencies but we give our solemn promise by election day the vast majority of constituencies would have been fully canvassed.”
Tabor said they would also be employing more meetings with the different groupings in the society to spread their message and have voters meet the candidates.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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