UPP says court case has nothing to do with fraud

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Political hopeful Dr. MaChesney Emanuel said court documents naming him as a defendant who failed to pay back U.S. $100,000 to a banking official in the United States has nothing to do with fraud.
He said it is a civil claim against him and he and his lawyers are still in talks with the man who is suing him, Zhanghui Fang, who wants the aforementioned sum, in addition to interest at a rate of 16 percent from November 17, 2012. The claimant is also seeking attorneys’ fees in the sum of U.S. $3,717.50.
The claim was filed in the Supreme Court in the State of New York, County of New York last year and the document said the loan was taken in 2012 and due in June 2013.
Dr. Emanuel, who is running for public office on the slate of the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), told OBSERVER media, “There was no fraud. It’s a legitimate loan. An agreement was signed for $100, 000 at five percent. The loan was due on a certain date. We discussed a proposal for a repayment plan and we could not reach that agreement. Since the suit was filed another attempt was made with his attorney to settle with a proposal and that is still open.”
He said it is “ridiculous” for anyone to suggest the matter involves fraud as is being reported on several online media.
The aspiring politician said he believes it was orchestrated by his opponent in St. John’s Rural North, Charles “Max” Fernandez.
He highlighted the court documents which began circulating on Thursday are not judgments of any court, but rather a claim by the applicant who is seeking repayment.
The UPP member said there has been no hearing, hence no judgment and he then explained how he became involved in the matter.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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