Two hospitalized after car plunges into sea

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Two people narrowly escaped drowning yesterday afternoon when the car in which they were travelling ran off the road after colliding with a fire truck that was responding to a reported blaze.

Luckily for the female and male occupants of the car, uniformed personnel in the fire truck they collided with shortly after 4 p.m. responded quickly and jumped into the water to assist. The woman, trapped inside the overturned and partially submerged car, was successfully extracted from what could have been certain death, had help been longer in coming.

A source who was on the scene between Johnsons Point and Crabb Hill said one of the two firemen had to swim underthe car(which landed on its roof, in shallow water) to rescue the woman. “When he pulled her out, she was vomiting a lot of water and the ambulance came and took her and the man to hospital. Nothing happened to the firemen; their vehicle wasn’t even damaged,” the witness said.

The male, who was in the car with the woman, apparently managed by himself to get out of the belly-up vehicle and surrounding water. Meanwhile, personnel from the St. John’s Fire Department had to take over the call that their Johnsons Point colleagues were forced to abandon because of the accident.

OBSERVER media was unable to get details about the blaze to which the impacted fire tender was heading when the collision occurred.

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