Sandals says disappearance of guests’ jewellery solved

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Sandals Grande Antigua says it has recovered thousands of dollars in jewellery which two guests reported stolen on Thursday, and the company is now in the process of reaching out to the couple to return the items.

In a release to OBSERVER media yesterday afternoon, the company said, “The item in question was recovered within hours of the guest reporting it missing, and very importantly, security and police investigations backed up by our resort surveillance footage have shown that neither the resort nor any of its team members were in any way responsible for the item going missing.”

According to the hotel, it was “quick work by all involved, in particular our staff [that] resulted in the item being located . . . where it was left.” The hotel did not provide any further details about what exactly occurred. Earlier in the day, police sources told OBSERVER media that the couple took a staff member to their room to hand over a jewellery case with the diamond and pearl items so it could be kept in a safe place.

The employee reportedly escorted the guests to an office where the jewellery was placed and they left for lunch after seeing this done around 11 a.m. It was reported that when they returned after 5 p.m. and asked about the jewellery, the case was missing.

The police were summoned and interviewed staff and guests, who were also searched, but nothing was found. They also advised the couple what to do, as the investigation began when the two guests were about to depart.

Plans were made for the police to review the footage, but the process reportedly took so long that the pair of UK visitors had already checked out by the time it was completed and the items found.

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