Transactional sex is a part of our culture

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Youth Development Officer, Cleon Athill, in a recent interview with OBSERVER media, said that the practice of transactional sex is a way of life within our society.
“Transactional sex is a part of our culture. Young people mirror what they see in society. Transactional sex is a reality of our culture and I’m talking about adults. Adults have transactional sex so why do we think that this wouldn’t bleed over into what young people deem to be right or wrong,” Athill said.
She added that the carnival season has just ended and people would have done things for money, a new hairdo, manicure/pedicure and to be able to attend fetes during the season. According to Athill, these are all examples of transactional sex.
To support her argument that children are learning these habits from their parents, she gave an example of a young girl going home and seeing either her mom or dad who is not working but has money and they bring things into the home. She said children are able to figure out where the finances are coming from and they know that their parents are probably doing things for money.
Therefore, she added, adults should expect that after having seen these things in the home, the child’s sense of right and wrong is affected and shapes their morals.
She expressed concern that adult men and women take advantage of children in vulnerable situations, fully understanding the dilemma and the dynamics of transactional sex but using it to the disadvantage of the young people.
The youth advocate stated that adults would flaunt and flirt the things young people usually desire and these things capture the eyes of the child. She said that adults need to look at themselves honestly and do some introspection and look at the types of lives they lead and the things they promote as culture in the society.
She asserted that until adults are willing to change these things within themselves, they should stop chastising young people regarding transactional sex. She said that unless these things are done, she would not entertain adults judging young people for engaging in such behavior.
Athill further said that she is concerned with transactional sex generally and not just among young people. She posited that when the genesis of the problem is found then real solutions can be sought to combat this type of behavior.

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