Police investigate killing in Potters

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The police are questioning a man in connection with the killing of his partner, a transgender woman, who was found dead yesterday in the Potters Village home they shared.
The suspect reportedly turned himself over to the police shortly before midday on Wednesday and allegedly told them he had killed his wife. Up to last night lawmen had not officially released the name of the deceased or the circumstances that led to the death but one relative confirmed the deceased was Arnold Joseph.
Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Lesroy Bagot was only able to confirm to OBSERVER media late yesterday that “a man was stabbed to death” sometime on Wednesday. There was an apparent lack of awareness of the situation as lawmen   had earlier told our news agency the deceased was female, but then later advised us that the victim was a male, according to relatives.
At least one of the deceased person’s friends has sought to bring awareness to the issue, indicating that the victim “Angel”, was her “best friend.”
Stansha “Tranz” Barbie, a known transgender, has been mourning the loss of her friend on social media and she indicated that the deceased identified as transgender also.
A trans woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth.
In one of several Facebook live posts, she claimed that the deceased, whom she called “my transgender sister”, was in an abusive relationship and she often encouraged her to leave.
 Residents living in the area, close to the two-storey apartment where the body was found, also identified the deceased as “Angel” or “Arnold.”
It is alleged that “Angel” was involved in an argument with the suspect and was moving from their home when the tragedy unfolded.
Shem Mathew, a neighbour who lived in the downstairs section of the apartment, said he last saw “Angel” at the entrance of the apartment door shortly after 8 a.m. yesterday before he left for work.
Mathew said it was only after he arrived at work he received a phone call from his wife who gave him the bad news.
The visibly shaken man, who had returned to the scene, said he is saddened by the death of the individual.
“When I came out this [yesterday] morning I met her on the gallery bringing out some stuff and then the guy half opened the door telling her to leave the television until he is able to buy one for himself. It is quite unfortunate,” Mathew said.
He also indicated that he has had to intervene in several disturbances between the couple for the past few weeks at the house.
On the scene, there was a bag containing a number of items,  suggesting that someone was moving from the house.
Neighbours expressed condolences on the scene.
Meanwhile, family members who arrived on the scene of yesterday’s killing broke down in tears as they tried to come to terms with the reality of what had happened.
They huddled together and looked on as investigators went in and out of the apartment complex gathering evidence.

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