Traffic department issues caution ahead of Easter weekend

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The Traffic Department says it is concerned about young drivers, especially during this festive weekend.
It’s Good Friday and most people in Antigua and Barbuda are enjoying the first day of a long Easter weekend.
Sergeant Kenny McBurnie of the Traffic Department tells OBSERVER media that young, inexperienced drivers are usually the ones who get involved in freak accidents at this time.
 “A lot of them cannot handle liquor and they find themselves siting behind the wheels of vehicles doing things which are dangerous here on our roadways…they do not have the discipline..they tend to want to prove something to their friends,” he said.
McBurnie added that passengers should also be cautious and take action if they are being driven by a reckless driver.
“If you are a passenger in a vehicle and someone is driving in a manner which you think is dangerous for you, please don’t be afraid to speak up and tell that person to slow down or tell that person to drop you off. It is better to say something than to say nothing at all until it is too late,” he urged.

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