The spirit of revelry returns after Covid-19 for T-Shirt Mas’

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By Samantha Simon
[email protected]

St John’s was awash with the colours and sounds of Carnival as revelers, local and from abroad, worked their waistlines up and down the streets, to the sounds of dancehall and soca.

It was indeed a welcome return to fun, frolic and festivity after the lull occasioned by Covid-19.

The parade of baccanalists was led by the revellers of tomorrow as Queen’s Court Mas Troupe, a group catering to children, hit the streets, wetting down the ecstatic youth with water to battle the heat of the late afternoon.

As the evening wore, on Myst, Iconzs Dumztree, GTM, Road House, Barefoot and a number of other troupes paraded past crowds of onlookers and vendors of all ages.

Insane Mas Troupe’s Navy theme proved to be quite attractive to massive numbers of members, who throughout the night, managed infiltration missions into almost every other mas’ troupe’s jam session, befitting their pseudo-military theme.

Sadly, the grandeur of the night was also marred by incidents of injury, allegedly caused by damaged, missing or broken sewer grates, and potholes on the streets and sidewalks.

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