The police force welcomes acting top cop

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Police officers are already talking about expecting a lift in the morale of the force following the suspension of the top cop and announcement of a probe into his alleged improper conduct towards other male colleagues. 
The officers echoed this at a meeting with the Police Service Commission this morning where Atlee Rodney was introduced as the Acting Commissioner of Police. He replaces Wendel Robinson, at least for now, pending the outcome of the probe.
Rodney who was still in a meeting with the commission and fellow officers, and who could not be reached yesterday, stopped briefly moments ago to respond to Observer media’s queries about him being identified as the person to lead the probe.
A high ranking government official had indicated this to the media yesterday, but Rodney says this is not true.
Sources who attended the meeting at Police Headquarters, said the commission told the officers at the meeting that it did not identify Rodney to conduct the probe,  and an independent investigator would in fact be called upon to do so.
That investigator has not been named. 
The Commission urged the officers to cooperate with Rodney and his new deputy Commissioner, Albert Wade who currently heads the prison.
And, it encouraged those officers present to give their best when serving the nation.
This week the police welfare association represented officers before the commission, expressing concerns that the officers had raised about the matter.
The matter referred to is the allegations from three policemen and a young man that the top cop made sexual advances towards them.
In one complaint to the commission, an officer said he was victimised after he rejected those advances.
He also expressed fear of further victimization and possibly losing his job.

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