Wade stays at HMP

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The promotion of police officer Albert Wade, to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police will not affect his current position as the Superintendent of Prisons.

That’s what Information Minister Melford Nicholas told the media at Thursday’s post Cabinet press briefing.

He said that right now “The intention is he will continue in both capacities. And if, based on the amount of time and there is need for his services to be more required at command central, then there has to be some look at a successor to him in the prison.”

He said the matter was discussed with the Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Kelvin John, and it was not something of concern.

Wade was on Thursday appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police following the recent suspension of Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson for questionable conduct.

The suspended top cop is to be out of office pending the outcome of an independent investigation.

Wade was appointed under the Antigua and Barbuda Constitution Order 1981 Section 105(3) which reads, “Before the Police Service Commission make an appointment to the office of Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner or a like post however designated it shall consult the Prime Minister, and a person shall not be appointed to such an office if the Prime Minister signifies to the Police Service Commission his objection to the appointment of that person to the office in question.”

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