“Teco is incoherent” – PM Browne

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has added another log to the fire surrounding the exit of Eustace “Teco” Lake from the governing Labour Party’s tilt at the next general election.
Appearing on an Observer radio programme last week, the representative for the St. John’s Rural South constituency said that he had no role in drafting a letter withdrawing his candidacy from the upcoming polls.
The letter, dated November 26, 2015, purported that the sitting MP was withdrawing because of poor health. The missive also stated that he, Lake, pledged his full support for the replacement candidate, Daryll Matthew.
The unsigned document was addressed to the prime minister.
However, the PM took to a government-aligned radio station during the weekend to rubbish Lake’s claims.
“Teco needs to keep off the radio. Teco is incoherent, he gotta stop it. He gotta look after his health,” Browne stated.
“I understand that Teco said that a letter was written without his consent, that is totally untrue. We sat down in Cabinet as a team. Max Hurst is the chief of staff he sits in Cabinet. We discussed the matter about his health, we encouraged him to go and look after his health, we gave him every guarantee that we would look after him, during and after the fact,” Browne said.
According, to the PM, they even tasked health minister Molwyn Joseph with ensuring that the chief medical officer give “special attention” to Lake, who is the substantive works and housing minister.
“And by the way, we discussed this matter in Cabinet more than once. On the final occasion when he did say okay, fine, that’s it … we asked comrade Max Hurst to write the press release on behalf of Comrade Teco Lake, comrade Teco Lake agreed. So Comrade Max Hurst wrote the press release and put it out confirming that comrade Teco Lake would be looking after his health, that he would not be running.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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