Supermarket apologies after removing doll from its shelves

The doll that was removed from the shelves of XPZ International Trading Limited (Photo courtesy XPZ social media page)
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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Social media users are somehow commending the management of XPZ International Trading Limited for removing a doll, which has angered residents, from its shelves.

The owners of the company, located on Factory Road, have also posted a public apology on its social media page apologising for any bad feelings that resulted from the incident.

Over the past few days residents have complained bitterly about the black doll which appears to be crying with an opened mouth, calling it racist and offensive.

Some have also threatened not to support the establishment.

The company said it was sorry for what it says was “a mistake that has brought bad mood to its friends,” adding that they respect the people living on the beautiful island.

The management of the company said in the post that it did have any racist meaning, but instead it wanted to work with everyone and accept everyone’s supervision and opinions.

Efforts to contact the company for further clarification on the matter have proven futile.

When OBSERVER media contacted the company we were informed that the individual who was able to provide the information to the media was not in office.

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