Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre Brings Together Leading Experts for 3rd Annual Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium

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Held annually, the SLBMC Breast Cancer Symposium took place at the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa this year as the hospital brought together leading experts from across the world, to discuss the latest developments in breast cancer research and treatment.

Hearing from some of the brightest minds across the field – including researchers, oncologists, surgeons and patient advocates – attendees considered and discussed latest advances and emerging practices and how these may impact their areas of expertise.

Topics covered included: Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer, The Evolution of Systemic Therapy in Breast Cancer, A Historical Perspective of Breast Cancer and Why Dignity is a Priority in Breast Care.

Dr. Albert Duncan, Medical Director and General and Acute Care Surgeon at SLBMC said:

“Despite decades of progress in research and care, we have a long way to go to stop people dying from this devastating disease. Treatment of breast cancer is dependent on the interaction of professionals across many disciplines.

“Equally, research into improving our understanding of this complex disease and prospects for improving its prevention and treatment relies on multidisciplinary collaboration to make meaningful advances.

“Over the past three years, disruption to research and treatment due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made innovation and collaboration more critical to progress than ever—And indeed, we’ve witnessed collaboration on an unprecedented level in an effort to overcome these challenges.

“That’s why we are so proud to be hosting our annual multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium, as a forum for leading experts to share and discuss latest scientific breakthroughs and collaborate in setting us on the best possible path towards a time when anyone diagnosed with breast cancer will live and be supported to live well.”

Christine Joseph, SLBMC Breast Cancer Symposium Organizing Committee Chair said:

“As Organizing Committee Chair I’m excited that after a three-year hiatus that we’re able to resume hosting this annual multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium.

“With over 150 people in attendance, this is the largest breast cancer meeting held in Antigua & Barbuda.

“Collaboration is key to progress in breast cancer research and care, and the Symposium is such a valuable opportunity to share latest advances, and to open up discussions across experts who share an active interest in breast cancer research and treatment.

“I hope the meeting stimulates new ideas and collaborations, allowing us to continue to make the progress so urgently needed by people with breast cancer.”

For more information about the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre Breast Cancer Symposium click here to download the booklet.

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