Retired top cop says junior officers being made the scapegoats

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Internal charges should not have been filed against all the officers who were engaged in a field mission with triple murder accused Delano Forbes when he escaped from them on February 12.
That’s is the view of the former commissioner of police, Rawlston Pompey, who said, “The key thing here is that by carelessness and neglect, he escaped. The person who led the operation, that is the person who has responsibility for the safe custody of the prisoner.”
There were six officers on the operation with the inmate, four of them are junior ranks and two senior ranks.
The officer in charge of the operation, a senior sergeant from the Serious Crimes Unit, was highest in rank. He was accompanied by a sergeant from the same unit and four corporals, to include two crime scene photographers from the Crime Scene Unit, who were asked to join the team.
Pompey said, “You cannot tell me that you take along juniors, you bring them along to assist you and now you want to put the responsibility on them to be charged with your neglect, that is unheard of.”
He said that based on the findings of the internal investigation by the Professional Standards Unit, it is clear “somebody didn’t understand what they were actually supposed to be doing.
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