Destin – Tsunami warning was false

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Residents are being reassured that a tsunami warning for Antigua and Barbuda that has been circulating on social media is incorrect.
“It is a hoax. It is not true. There is no tsunami warning in effect for Antigua,” said Dale Destin, climatologist and forecaster.
He said that Brazil, one of the countries seen threatened by the warning, shares no coastline with the Caribbean. The false tsunami warning indicated that there had been an earthquake near Costa Rica in the Caribbean Sea.
“There is no tsunami watch or bulletins in effect for Antigua,” he added, saying that there are also no significant earthquakes that have happened over the last 24 hours. An earthquake is needed to generate a tsunami.
“The international media would also publicise a disaster threatening to attack such a vast area,” he said.
Destin is reminding individuals that there are those who are using the high seas and other weather conditions to cause others unnecessary distress by spreading untrue information.
He described the warning as malicious and understands why it is difficult for people to differentiate false weather reports from real ones.
Destin added that only Antigua, through the meteorological (MET) office can issue a tsunami warning for the island and would forward such information to the National Office of the Disaster Services as well as the media if Antigua was indeed under threat.
He is advising residents to call the MET office whenever they are unsure of weather information they receive.

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