Prosthetic blessings for 13 nation

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Thirteen Antiguans are, this week, receiving new and modern prosthetic limbs.
The exercise, which started on Monday and ends today on the campus of the American University of Antigua (AUA), is a partnership between the ‘Let Them Walk Programme,’ out of Connecticut, USA, Hadeed Motors, the Rotary Sundown Club, AUA and the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.
Three individuals will receive bilateral fittings (two prosthetic limbs) while the remaining 10 will receive a single prosthetic leg.
Other amputees in the twin island state, currently using prosthetic limbs, are earmarked to receive modified limbs and upgrades, adjustments and expert advice.
Dr. David Moller, a team-member from the ‘Let Them Walk’ programme, explained that amputees experience difficulty in obtaining jobs and contributing to their family.
 The orthotics and prosthetics specialist said that acquiring a prosthesis, “allows them to stand back up on two feet, which means that they can first start giving back and being more independent at home … and then some of them will have the potential to get into employment and hold a full-time career.”
Local coordinator Alphonso Richardson, who is attached to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, said that the venture will greatly improve the country’s image while at the same time improve the lives of the nation’s amputees.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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