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Martin Dimitrov Dachenski, accused fraudster nabbed in Barbados, has been returned to Antigua.

Accused fraudster, Martin Dimitrov Dachenski, who absconded from Antigua, was last night returned from Barbados where he was caught on Tuesday, to face trial here.
The 39-year-old Bulgarian national arrived at the V.C. Bird International Airport aboard LIAT flight 512 at 7:15 p.m.
Meanwhile, the two people who stood as sureties for him when he got bail earlier this year, could be jailed for a year if they fail to pay up $2,500 each by June 30, since it was their duty to ensure that he did not run away from the case. The two people, whose names were not disclosed by court sources, reportedly told the authorities that they were unaware that the immigrant had fled the country. They also allegedly said they did not know him or where he lived, and that it was a mutual friend who had asked them to sign as sureties as a favour to help the accused get bail.
Dachenski was out on $10,000 bail for some time since his initial arrest in December 2017.
Of that $10,000, a deposit of $5,000 was paid and he was ordered to report to the St. John’s Police Station daily, plus surrender his travel documents.
He was further ordered not to change his address without first informing the court of such intent or he’d be thrown behind bars until the case is finished.
Saturday was the last time he signed in, and since that’s a breach of his bail, Justice Keith Thom revoked the bail at a hearing in the High Court yesterday, and he also issued a bench warrant for the accused man’s arrest in keeping with the requirement to get the suspected fraudster back to Antigua for trial.
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