Probe continues into Lightfoot shootout

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  • An investigation is still underway into the recent Lightfoot shootout.

Images below are the outside of the Classic View Guest House where the police intercepted two gunmen Thursday morning dressed in camouflage clothing.
It is alleged the men opened fire on the police who returned fire, killing them on the spot. Civilians are not allowed to wear any type of attire resembling army fatigue, to include the camouflage uniform. Even the importation of such attire by civilians, is banned.
The men who were pronounced dead on the scene are Travis “Ten Pound” Martin-Bailey and Jamele “Marlo” Hurst.
Both men have been arrested in recent years for gun related crime.
The guns used by the men are being examined to determine whether they were used in any criminal activity and to ascertain their origin. Additionally, the spent shells that were recovered are being examined. Police executed several search warrants at a number of homes in the aftermath of the shootout that has left many residents rattled.

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