Health Minister praises FOTCP for quick ground-breaking

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Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has praised the valuable input of the private sector after its donation funded a 30-bed home and learning facility for the children of The Care Project.
During a ground-breaking on Thursday, Joseph urged corporate citizens to collaborate with government so that projects which benefit society can be funded as quickly as the US $1.1 million facility.
Annette Carey, president of Friends of the Care Project, said that the project manager of the site, located in the old Holberton Hospital, estimated that construction will be completed in nine to 12 months.
She also said that the major donors of the project are Maria Holder Memorial Trust, which is involved in nine other government projects, Jumby Bay Fund which has assisted the Care Project with supplies, and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda which raised the money late last year.
Carey explained that construction is slated to begin in the next three to four weeks on the land leased to the Friends of the Care Project for 99 years.
At present the 20 children and young adults who require round-the-clock care, are also in need of specialised staff and volunteers to foster them. Many of them are former residents of the Amazing Grace Foundation for the disabled that closed in 2013. They now occupy the Margetson Ward.
Matron of the Care Project, Juliet De la Bastide, said her team of nurses, attendants and therapists barely fill the three daily shifts. But with the expansion approaching, she is hoping that the staff will be doubled.
Those working behind the scenes are making a call to members of the community who can assist financially or by lending a helping a hand.

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