Prison conditions here not unique

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A former prison boss said that the problems facing Her Majesty’s Prison in Antigua and Barbuda are not unique to the country, but rather, they are an issue seen across the Caribbean.
Former Prison Superintendent, Eric Henry, told OBSERVER media that many prisons across the region are in need of much more help financially and from the community.
“I agree that all prisons can do with help,” he said. “I am not blaming any particu- lar administration… whether ALP (Antigua Barbuda Labour Party) or UPP (United Progressive Party).”
When asked where help for the reportedly financially- burdened institutions should come from, he said “charity begins at home.”
But Henry said he understands that many governments may find it difficult to take care of their prisoners in the manner they ought to because they prioritise health, geriatric and youth care.
Henry emphasised that his comments were not being offered to “undermine” or “embarrass” present prison officials in any way, but they come against the backdrop of trends he has seen throughout the Caribbean.
His comments come after two prisoners died recently while incarcerated.
Wilbert Paul was reportedly found dead in his cell on Sunday after he had repeatedly and unsuccessfully called out for assistance.
Paul was sentenced to 14 years in prison after trying to murder his ex-wife.
His health was reportedly deteriorating.
Meantime, murder accused, Kensworth Browne died while on remand for allegedly murdering his wife. Reports said that he had been starving himself before he fell ill.
Their deaths come amid numerous complaints from prisoners who have said that they are concerned for their health.
But the former prison boss said while some of the complaints about the condi- tions of the prison are true, “half of them are not true.”

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