Owner of popular nightclub charged for having social gathering

Owner of Diamond Edge nightclub, Carlton Kentish (Social media photo)
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

The owner of popular bar, restaurant and nightclub, Diamond Edge, is facing two charges, namely breaking the 11 pm — 5am curfew, and violating the country’s social gathering restrictions.

According to reports, on July 17 at around 11.30pm officers on mobile patrol noticed a large number of vehicles parked near the Diamond Edge nightclub, owned by Carlton Kentish.

The officers stopped and went upstairs of the Lower All Saints Road facility where they allegedly observed a number of individuals inside, including the defendant.

Kentish was subsequently arrested and charged with the aforementioned offences.

He was, however, granted station bail and ordered to appear in court yesterday morning.

The club owner went before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court but told the court that he needed to retain a lawyer.

His case was therefore adjourned until September 30 at which time he will be required to enter a plea.

This is the second bar owner to be brought before the court this month on charges related to the country’s Covid-19 protocols.

In early July, the owner of the popular Dre’s Bar on Kentish Road was fined $500 for having a social gathering with scores of people in August last year.

On the night of August 23 2020, police officers were on mobile patrol on Kentish Road when they observed that the Pasta Box Restaurant or Dre’s Bar was in full swing with about 65 persons inside.

When the police entered the establishment, they spotted three individuals in particular who were not wearing face masks, including Andre Hull.

The officers inquired into who owned the establishment and Hull identified himself as the owner.

He was then arrested for having a large social gathering which exceeded the number of persons permitted by the law in such a small space.

Hull, Housni Maarmi and Bryan Samuel were also arrested for not wearing masks.

Maarmi is said to have become upset and asked the officers why they were not arresting everyone, while using indecent language.

As a result, he was also charged for the latter.

In September 2020, the three men pleaded not guilty to the offences and were placed on trial before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh sometime after.

On July 1 2021, the Chief Magistrate acquitted Hull for failing to wear a mask since evidence revealed that he had been eating at the time, but he was found guilty of having a social gathering and subsequently fined $500.

Maarmi was fined $1,000 as he was found guilty of the two charges against him (failing to wear a mask and using indecent language).

Samuel was also found guilty of not wearing a mask and was fined $500.

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