Nanton Elected Basketball Head, records historic achievement

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The obvious rise in success of women in administrative roles in sports further manifested itself on Tuesday when former national basketball player, Kebra Nanton, was elected president of the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA).
Her 35-11 success over lone challenger and former president, Jules Bowen, was also an historic feat as it placed her firmly in the basketball history books as the first female administrator elected to lead the body.
Tuesday night’s elective general assembly was held at the Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre in Perry Bay.
Nanton, since her victory, received an outpouring of congratulatory comments from members of the basketball fraternity and sporting fraternity on a whole.
Minister of National Festivals, the Arts, Culture and Sports, Daryll Matthew, also joined with the sporting bodies in commending Nanton saying, “she has paved the way for future females in sports.”
Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports show mere hours after being elected, Nanton, who is a former national player revealed her none-focus on the historic aspect of her appointment.
 “I actually have not thought about the fact that I would make history as the first female and all this talk. I just thought that I was the best person for the job and I happen to be a female.”
The former ABBA treasurer however noted that she was not surprised by the margin of victory, crediting her strong campaign prior to elections.
“Just because of the dialogue I had been having with the teams and a lot of them had pledged their support from very early and I felt it was sincere so you know I believed I would have had at least 18 teams that night.”
Despite having no prior work experience with Bowen, Nanton indicated her openness to working with him in the future as the goal is the “development of the sport.”
She went on to highlight that the upcoming FIBA Men’s Qualifiers in February and the 2019 ABBA league in January would receive immediate attention from the new executive, but within the first year the re-development of the female program and the continued growth of the CBA program would take precedence.
Meanwhile, Nanton thanked the members of the Association who supported her.
“I just really want to say thank you to all the teams for their support, it’s very overwhelming to know that all these teams voted for me. I am proud to be their President and look forward to working with them.”
Kebra’s full slate includes: Bryon Andrew-1st Vice President, Nkenge Drew-2nd Vice President,
Jennell Willette-General Secretary, Carlton Brodie- Treasurer, Doyle Carter- Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.), Gilbert Findlay-Assistant Treasurer and floor members- Gemma Hazelwood and Khalid Shabazz.

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