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Elon Keturra has been charged for allegedly murdering her ex-partner, Carmona Samuel, during a domestic dispute at his Gilbert’s Estate property last Wednesday.
The 35-year-old woman was yesterday remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison after the Court set December 6 as the date for her return for committal proceedings.
The committal proceedings, a process to determine whether the case would be sent to the High Court for trial, is to be conducted by All Saint’s Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel.
Yesterday, the case was dealt with by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, since the All Saint’s Court is on vacation.
It is alleged that on September 20, some time after 3 pm, Keturra and Samuel had an argument at his Gilbert’s Estate property.
During the domestic dispute, they were both stabbed. The police said Keturra went to the Parham Police Station to report the domestic dispute and she was rushed to the hospital.
When lawmen went to the house to investigate the incident, they found Samuel dead on the stairs. He had a single stab wound to his chest. A knife believed to be the weapon used in the incident was recovered a day later, some distance from the spot where Samuel’s body was found.

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