MP Asot Michael thrown out of Parliament

St Peters Member of Parliament (MP) Asot Michael leaving Friday’s Parliamentary sitting. (Screengrab from ABS live)
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By Latrishka Thomas

St Peters Member of Parliament (MP) Asot Michael was asked to leave its halls yesterday until such time as he is brought before a parliamentary privilege committee for alleged inappropriate actions after Thursday’s parliamentary proceedings.

This decision was taken by Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt QC at the beginning of Friday’s sitting, having warned the MP the day prior because of his outbursts in the House when he rose on a point of order.

Sir Gerald claimed that Michael had abused him and a member of parliament after the sitting on Thursday.

“Yesterday at the end of the sitting you abused me as Speaker in a most personal and despicable manner, in the presence of the clerk, consultant. Once I had walked out, you pursued me and continued to abuse me in the presence of about eight or so police officers…and you continued until you got into your car.

“Word has come to me from the police that earlier, MP Walker was leaving the parliament when you cursed him in the most vile manner, using serious expletives,” Sir Gerald revealed as he rejected the apology Michael attempted to issue to him prior to Friday’s sitting.

Sir Gerald explained that the matter has to be dealt with by a Parliamentary Privilege Committee which has not yet been formed.

“In the meantime, in light of that behavior I would have no intention of recognising you in parliament to speak today. Further, it is my intention to ask you to leave this parliament for the rest of this sitting which will be today[Friday] until such time as I can deal with this matter at the level that parliamentary procedure permits me to do, which is to appoint a privilege committee and have the matter dealt with by that committee and a report sent back to the House,” the Speaker declared.

Michael took his time leaving the sitting, but before doing so, he attempted to ask the Speaker for the standing order relating to him being thrown out.

He was shut down by the Speaker who threatened to have Michael escorted out by the police.

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