Marine Biologist cites other contributors to environmental damage

Some fear the impact the burgeoning export market will have on local marine stocks
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While the impact of climate change is certainly far-reaching and a major challenge for the world to address, one environmentalist is cautioning against using it as the default explanation for all environmental issues. 

Speaking on the damage done to Antigua and Barbuda’s coral reef ecosystems over decades, Marine Biologist, Ruleo Camacho, reminded that there are other contributors to that damage – including the country’s mainstay, the tourism sector. 

Camacho’s comments are far from an ‘attack’ on the tourism sector, however, as he explained furtherhow challenges related to boating, for example, can also damage the coral reefs. 

And in light of these many issues that serve to degrade the coral reefs, Camacho urged members of the public to do their part – no matter how small the effort – to protect the marine space and help these ecosystems to thrive.

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