Land surveying continues on Barbuda

un photo rick bajornas
UN Photo taken Rick Bajornas of BArbuda post Hurricane Irma in 2017
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The technical team undertaking the registration of lands in Barbuda reported that their work went well on the first day.

Utilizing the most modern technology available to surveyors, the team has set itself three days to complete the necessary first phase of the geographical mapping of Barbuda. When the work is completed, every piece of land in Barbuda that has been leased will be shown on a cadastral map. The residents of Codrington who prefer to proceed without a certificate of land will be allowed to continue on the land which they have occupied for generations; those who wish to have a certificate of ownership will be allowed so to do for the consideration of $1.00, payable to the Treasury.

The Privy Council ruled several months ago that all land that is not privately owned in the state of Antigua and Barbuda is the property of the Crown.

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