Justice for Jungle is justice for all’

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A legal team hired by Bruce Greenaway’s family is demanding “swift and decisive” action in bringing the Falmouth father-of-two’s alleged killers to justice.

Anyone with information about the circumstances leading up to his death in April is being urged to come forward.

Earlier today, lawyers Kendrickson Kentish and Gail Christian released a statement on behalf of Greenaway’s grieving relatives.

In it, they thank the nation and those further afield for their “condolences and support” as they prepare to lay the 43-year-old to rest tomorrow, almost two months after his body was found on the shoreline of Indian Creek.

Greenaway was seen in the presence of Defence Force soldiers – apparently after breaking curfew regulations – shortly before he went missing. An autopsy later revealed he had been strangled.

“While his entire family is grieving, we must remember his two children who must live with the knowledge that their father’s life was brutally and most savagely taken for no just cause,” the statement says.

“Their interests and wellbeing must be secured, and appropriate legal remedies will be pursued in due course.”

The statement also reveals that “many witnesses” have already come forward to offer evidence of what they saw and heard on the last day that Greenaway was seen alive.

“We urge persons who have relevant evidence to provide the same to the family or to the police. We are all our brother’s keepers and we all have a stake in seeing that justice is done,” it says.

“The family is encouraged that the Commissioner of Police has made contact with the family and publicly declared that the investigation is at an advanced stage.

Nevertheless, we must remain engaged and vigilant.”

Justice for Greenaway is “the pursuit of justice for each and every one of us”, it continues.

In light of the incident which has shocked the nation, the statement goes on to appeal for people to be “temperate, accurate and fair” in making public statements.

“No one is above the law and we are demanding that swift and decisive action be taken in respect of those against whom the evidence of wrong doing is markedly compelling,” it adds.

“Keep that flame for justice alive.”

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