Taxi drivers concerned ahead of return of commercial flights

Antigua’s VC Bird International Airport is affected by the lower rating
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Taxi drivers who may be called upon to transport people arriving into VC Bird International Airport tomorrow have expressed concerns ranging from health to rates.

Thursday night’s American Airlines flight from Miami will be the first commercial flight into Antigua and Barbuda in 10 weeks after borders were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Taxi drivers will have to follow strict protocols to protect themselves as well as passengers.

But President of the United Taxi Association, Ian Joseph, said his members will be required to do a lot more with few financial benefits.

Joseph said his members are also concerned about the amount of arriving passengers who will be paying to transport them to their respective destinations.

He revealed that taxi drivers had requested an adjustment in the rates during a recent meeting with tourism officials but said the matter had not been resolved.

Protocols officer Emelda Frank said the association has taken some stringent steps to protect members who will be operating on Thursday night.

She said in addition to guidelines outlined by health and tourism officials, the association has implemented its own measures to ensure drivers are safe.

Taxis will only be allowed to carry a limited number of passengers.

Drivers are set to meet tonight and also with tourism officials again ahead of the arrival of the American Airlines flight.

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