Hurricane Tammy 50 miles from Antigua and Barbuda, Residents Urged to Take Precautions

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News Report from Antigua

Date: October 21, 2023 – 2pm

As Hurricane Tammy rapidly approaches the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, authorities and meteorological experts have issued a Hurricane Warning, signifying the imminent arrival of hurricane conditions within the next 24 hours. The latest update from the National Hurricane Center indicates that Tammy is currently situated approximately 50 miles southeast of Antigua, with maximum sustained winds of 85 mph.

Current Situation:

As of 2:00 PM AST on October 21, 2023, the centre of Hurricane Tammy was positioned at latitude 16.6 North and longitude 61.2 West, about 50 miles southeast of Antigua. Tammy is moving northwest at a speed of 8 mph. The forecast predicts a turn toward the north-northwest on Sunday, followed by a northward trajectory on Monday. The hurricane is expected to pass near or over portions of the Leeward Islands through early Sunday and then move north of the northern Leeward Islands by Sunday afternoon.

Impact and Preparations:

Antigua and Barbuda are now under a Hurricane Warning, meaning residents should urgently complete preparations to protect life and property. The hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 25 miles from the center, and tropical storm-force winds extend up to 125 miles. As a result, residents can expect strong winds, heavy rains, and the potential for flooding.

Rainfall accumulations in excess of 6 inches are anticipated along the path of Hurricane Tammy, posing a significant risk of flooding, particularly in low-lying and flood-prone areas. Residents living near slopes should also be vigilant against mudslides. Mariners have been advised to seek safe anchorage and remain in port as seas are expected to deteriorate, peaking at 13 feet or higher within the next 24 hours.

Community Response:

Local authorities and emergency services are on high alert, urging residents to monitor the movement of Hurricane Tammy closely and take immediate action to safeguard life and property. The government has set up emergency shelters, and residents are encouraged to heed evacuation orders if necessary.

With Hurricane Tammy on a direct path towards Antigua and Barbuda, residents are urged to take this storm seriously and follow all safety recommendations. The next advisory is expected by 5 PM or sooner if required, as meteorologists continue to track the storm’s progress. Stay tuned for further updates and stay safe during this critical weather event.

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