Girlfriend of alleged murder victim breaks down while recounting the incident

“Murder accused, Kenroy ‘Kenny’ Joseph” (Photo contributed)
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By Latrishka Thomas

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The first jury trial since Covid-19 began yesterday with the emotional testimony from the partner of a man who was allegedly murdered by Kenroy ‘Kenny’ Joseph in 2016.

Joseph is accused of killing fellow villager, Luciene Glennex Brodie, on February 24, 2016.

Both men reportedly got into an altercation at Mack Pond in All Saints, which led to Joseph arming himself with a sharp object which he used to inflict wounds to Brodie’s head.

Joseph, who was 39 years old at the time, was charged with attempted murder, but that charge was elevated to murder after Brodie succumbed to his injuries on March 16 that year.

The defendant denied murdering Brodie, and as a result, a jury of 11 vaccinated residents were selected for his trial.

Brodie’s girlfriend of 20 years was the first witness called.

She began by telling the court that she and the deceased had been living in All Saints for 12 years.

She recounted that on the day of the incident, when she went home from work, Brodie was not at home. He arrived shortly after and then left again to do some work on the field.

While cooking, she saw her aunt running towards the field where Brodie was. She also recalled seeing a red car being driven by the defendant.

She said that she and her daughter then ran towards the field and saw the deceased laying with his shirt on his head and “a lot of blood coming from his head.”

Brodie was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. He was discharged on March 4, but could not move his left leg, the woman continued to tell the court.

He was to obtain therapy twice a week.

She also shared that on March 13, he was taken to the hospital because he had difficulty breathing.

On March 16, he complained of pains to his chest, but felt better after eating.

That was the last day she saw him alive, she said in tears.

Joseph’s lawyer, Lawrence Daniels, then cross examined the witness about her relationship to the accused.

She maintained that she is not related to him and that they “were never really friends,” but he occasionally purchased food from her cook shop.

Daniels then asked how and if she saw all of the persons in the red car which she claimed to have seen.

She maintained that she saw “Kenny” despite not remembering what he was wearing.

The trial then ended with about sixteen more witnesses left to give sworn evidence.

The matter will resume today before Justice Colin Williams.

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