Eyebrows raised after preschool theft

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By Latrishka Thomas

The Greenbay Preschool has fallen victim to an act of theft where monies earmarked for the school’s graduation exercise was stolen just about two weeks before the event.

A credible source from the school said that the peculiar way in which the incident took place is causing the staff to question whether the theft was an inside job.

On Thursday 13th June, just over $1,200 which was set aside for the graduation on June 26th, along with a speaker and a 42-inch flat screen Samsung television were stolen from the school.

According to the source, when the principal of the pre-school arrived on Friday morning, she noticed that the lock was opened and the deadbolt was not locked from the inside.

It was also reported that the robber(s) attempted to get into the primary school through a bathroom but were not successful.

They supposedly then made their way into the preschool where they stole the aforementioned items.

The source went on to tell OBSERVER media that Special Security Services (SSS) — owned by Wilbur Purcell — which is responsible for providing security for the preschool, has donated $1,500 dollars to cover the cost of the stolen items.

This was not the first time that the Greenbay Preschool has been targeted by thieves as several other reports of break-ins have been made in the past.

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