Case made for lower fuel prices on Barbuda

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The government is being told to consider subsidising fuel on Barbuda, thus reducing the cost for residents to power their homes by backup generators.
Five months after Category 5-plus Hurricane Irma barreled through Barbuda, killing a child and damaging  over 90 percent of all structures, Rae Beazer, primary school educator, said that reducing fuel costs will make it possible for more Barbudans to return home sooner to rebuild.
“If the government works with the gas station which is owned by Trevor Walker, then we could get reduced rates on fuel and I think it would be perfectly fine until [the Antigua Public Utilities Authority] gives current, not only to all the lampposts on the road,” she said
Utilities have not  returned to many of the homes that were damaged since the September 5, 2017, hurricane. Beazer lamented that while power has been restored to the utility poles, Barbudans struggle to get power when they turn on a switch in their home.
(More in today’s Daily Observer) 

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