Better Covid messaging needed – Health Minister

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph (file photo)
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Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has conceded that more reminders about Covid-19 protocols are needed following a spike in cases over the weekend.

“It has been discussed extensively in the Cabinet and I can assure you that this is going to be something that is addressed urgently,” he told Observer radio this morning.
“We need to get the messaging out there and we need to constantly remind and encourage the people to stick to the protocols.

“I have had videos sent to me of parties, people enjoying themselves, they’re drinking, they’re talking in each other’s faces, dancing and that is the environment and it’s very difficult,” Joseph explained.

The opposition United Progressive Party has underscored the need for continued safety promotion as residents and officials share concerns about a lack of adherence to protocols in recent weeks.

Minister Joseph also does not believe that there has been mixed messaging in the country’s Covid response. Some have complained that unofficial contact sport activities such as football are allowed while interactions in bars are criticised.

Joseph pointed out that monitoring all sports facilities nationwide would be extremely difficult; thus the ministry is depending on citizens to exercise personal responsibility.

He also responded to condemnations levelled at the government regarding an after-curfew party held for an R&B star at a local resort. The minister said the pursuit of such matters rests with police and claimed it was unfair for anyone to insinuate that his ministry is responsible for enforcing the law.

Joseph is also calling on workers to “be real” as government grapples with meeting payroll. His comments come after Mount St John’s Medical Centre employees complained of late payment. He called for persons to be understanding as Covid-19 has decimated the tourism sector, the country’s main source of revenue.

Several hospital employees had contacted Observer complaining of being unable to meet their financial responsibilities and provide for their children due to repeated late payments.

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