Report into CXC exams expected today

MP for All Saints West Michael Browne (Photo courtesy Caribbean News Service)
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Education Minister Michael Browne who served on CXC’s five-member review team said he’s happy the regional exams body accepted several of the proposed recommendations.

“The last three weeks have been excruciating in literally doing document examination and interviewing people from a wide spectrum across the Caribbean,” he said.

“Our recommendations are forthcoming and I am glad CXC has adopted the immediate recommendations and they are working on the medium to long-term recommendations because exams are coming up shortly.”

Browne said several of the issues that local students faced in this year’s sittings are already being addressed.

Meanwhile, he has encouraged students to prepare for the exams’ present format. He said all indications point to them remaining in multiple-choice format and students should continue to practice answering such questions logically.

Education ministers from across the region met with CXC’s team yesterday to discuss the findings of a draft report submitted by the independent review team.

The group was tasked with scrutinising the modified approach for the administration of regional exams and the grading process, among other related matters.

A draft report was submitted to CXC on Sunday and is expected to be made public today.

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