Attacker who hit man in head with concrete block fined $6K

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By Latrishka Thomas

A young man must pay restitution in the sum of $6,000 to the man he wounded with a concrete block in 2019.

Kadesh Mannix was sentenced yesterday in the High Court having admitted to wounding with intent.

The incident occurred on July 31 2019 when the complainant and the defendant got into a verbal altercation in a food establishment.

When the complainant went outside, the defendant is said to have approached him aggressively with a bottle of pepper but it was taken from him by someone in the shop.

Mannix then picked up a concrete block and struck the complainant at the back of his head causing him to fall face first in a gutter.

The defendant then struck him twice more with the block.

Shortly after, the defendant offered a bottle of water to the complainant who refused and instead accepted assistance from another gentleman.

The victim then began to vomit and noticed blood in it before falling unconscious.

He was taken to the hospital and was said to have obtained a moderate head injury and a frontal lobe skull fracture.

He was treated and discharged a few days later.

Mannix was ordered to compensate the complainant by January 2021 or, in default, spend six months in prison.

He also has to report to court every three months with a report from the probation department and his probation officer.

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