APUA rejects claims of negligence in electrocution incident

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APUA has refuted claims of negligence following an incident in which a man was electrocuted at a construction site in Buckley’s Village last Thursday.

Clairmount Clarington was rushed to hospital with severe burns to his body after he came into contact with a nearby electrical cord at a job site.

Some media reports alleged that the state utility company had previously been alerted about a faulty electrical line but failed to carry out repairs until after the incident.

The company said in a statement that the main feeder supplying the area tripped and was de-energised due to a fault on the line.

APUA said a fault crew was dispatched promptly and a report was made that a man, who had been carrying conductive material atop a scaffold on the construction site, came into contact with the high-tension wire transmitting 11KV of electricity.

The company said, due to the sensitivity of the network and efficiency of the protective system, once contact was made with the power line, the feeder tripped and the area was de-energised immediately.

According to the utility company, the power lines and infrastructure are approximately 30ft above ground and were there before construction began.

The authority stated further that it was not in receipt of a request to de-energise the line in the area where the work was being carried out.

APUA said it empathises with the family of the injured man and extends best wishes for his recovery.

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