Antigua in discussions to purchase 3 planes from Caribbean Development Bank

front 2 liat 1
LIAT 2020 emerged from its predecessor LIAT (1974) Ltd (file photo).
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Discussions to acquire the three aircraft owned by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) which are intended for use by the restructured LIAT (2020) Ltd following the dissolution of LIAT (1974) Ltd. were brought to light in Wednesday’s cabinet meeting.

Talks with the CDB are set to continue on Thursday, emphasizing the government’s commitment to navigating the complexities of reviving the airline.

The Prime Minister disclosed that initial discussions took place on Tuesday, detailing his offer for the purchase of the aircraft. Further talks with the CDB are scheduled for Thursday as the government moves forward with plans to revitalize the regional air carrier, LIAT (2020) Ltd.

Upon successful negotiations and the acquisition of the three aircraft, LIAT (2020) Ltd. aims to establish a fleet that will collaborate with Air Peace.

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