Alleged shooter to go on trial in April

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A man accused of shooting with intent to murder will be standing trial before a High Court judge on April 26.

Samuel “Tapa” Livingstone reportedly went to the Potters home of Ganeal Francis in February 2019 and shot at him in broad daylight.

According to reports, the defendant first called out to the complainant and when Francis looked outside, he saw Livingstone standing there.

When their eyes met, Livingstone is said to have threatened Francis saying, “a dead you fi dead”.

Francis then noticed that Livingstone, who is said to have been known to him, had a handgun and was pointing it in his direction.

Livingstone allegedly fired two shots into Francis’s home, and both bullets pierced the wall on the eastern side of the house and exited the opposite side.

Two spent shells were recovered from the scene, but the shooter, who was dressed all in black, was long gone by the time the Special Services Unit (SSU) responded to the report of the incident.

According to police, Livingstone turned himself in a few days later, accompanied by his mother and the MP for St George, Dean Jonas.

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