Residents cautioned to remain on guard with Omicron variant

Omicron may be ‘more disastrous than Delta’ by offering a ‘false sense of security’ (Photo courtesy Reuters)
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By Carlena Knight

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Residents are being cautioned not to become complacent with regards to Covid’s Omicron variant.

Head of the National Technical Working Group on Vaccinations, Dr Lester Simon, was speaking on the Observer AM show on Monday when he urged the general public not to let down their guard as active Covid cases dwindle.

“We have to be very cautious that we are not being lured into a false sense of security because, yes, although it’s highly transmissible and we can say less virulent, that is still not to say that you cannot die from contracting Omicron; you can,” he warned.

Simon advised persons to not only continue to abide by the protocols but most importantly get vaccinated and take booster shots, as they are still the best option when combatting the highly contagious variant.

He said although he understands the frustration and concern some individuals may have with having to take booster shots every few months, it is still the safest choice.

“We need this booster that is available right now, which of course means that we need to be vaccinated so that we can drive this virus into its natural death because if we don’t do that—and herein lies the point I was making about a false sense of security—if we don’t do that, then anything can happen.

“The government of Omicron itself can lock us down. That is why I make the point that it is more disastrous to us than Delta in giving us this false sense of hope and security,” Dr Simon warned.

“Some people have decided that we are now on the last wave or whatever or going towards the beginning of the end; that is possible and we need to be optimistic but, like anything in life, where you don’t know what the future holds you have to basically plan for the worst and hope for the best.  

“It has to be based on hard work and that is where we are right now. Not to become complacent but to continue to do what we are doing and do more of it,” he admonished.

While the most recent dashboard from the Ministry of Health revealed 69 new laboratory confirmed Covid-19 cases as of last Thursday, high recoveries are forcing the active case count downward.

The ministry indicated that 225 more people had recovered since the last reporting period.

The country presently has 376 active cases, nine of which are in hospital – two in severe condition, one moderate and six with mild symptoms.

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