ACB Caribbean & Fiennes Administration work together to beat the heat!

fiennes nurses 2023
ACB Caribbean Team members and Nurses stationed at the Fiennes Institute.
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In response to a call for help from the Administration at the Fiennes Institute, ACB Caribbean donated 50 fans for the residents’ rooms in order to offer some relief from the heat being experienced in Antigua & Barbuda.

Mr. Peter Ashe, Manager – ACB Mortgage and Trust alongside team members from various business units from ACB Caribbean visited the institute on Friday, September 23rd to do an official handover. 

During the brief ceremony attended by residents, nurses and the Fiennes Administration to present the fans, Ashe stated, “It is our pleasure to have answered the call for assistance, we recognize that the heat is a health concern. On the advice of the Fiennes Institute Administration, we procured the fans to come to the aid of the residents and provide them with some comfort. ACB Caribbean has a long-standing relationship with the Institute, it was our pleasure to make this donation.”

Master of Fiennes, Walton Edwards alongside Nurse Christopher, Fiennes Matron commended ACB Caribbean on how quickly they were able to procure and have the fans delivered.

“Thank you for your rapid response to this call for help, we are grateful for your intervention and your ongoing support of the Fiennes Institute,” Edwards remarked.

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  1. The thought was a great one but the gesture could be better. Fifty fans @ $130.00 is $6500.00. Why wasnt some air con units offered instead… The air con would certainly do a better job….. In addition why are we not hearing about the other banks & the insurance companies coming board….. Perhaps if they all put funds together the schools could better equipped with better cooling systems than the fans that are basically blowing hot air


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