Youth Awarded for Participation in Annual Youth Leadership Training Programme

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Twenty-two youth are now more informed about leadership matters, having completed the Annual Youth Leadership Training Programme executed by the Department of Youth Affairs. In a manner compliant with the COVID-19 protocols, they were awarded certificates at the department on Tuesday. Ranging from ages 16 to 35, the participants in the three-week programme included students, clerks, police officers and members of local non-profit organisations.
According to Programme Officer Stephen Samuels, seminars on transformational leadership, positive youth development and climate change were among the areas of focus.
As one of the continued sponsors of initiatives executed by the department, the Sandals Foundation was on hand to donate educational supplies to the school- aged participants.

One of the participants (left) accepts the supplies donated by the Sandals Foundation

In a message to the Department of Youth Affairs, Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation, Heidi Clarke shared the importance of leadership training programmes, “Young people are the change makers that communities, and by
extension our Caribbean, need. By helping them hone their skills in advocacy, diplomacy and decision making, we are essentially nurturing a generation that can effect sustainable social, economic and environmental change.
Acting Director of the Department of Youth Affairs Dr. Jrucilla Samuel thanked the foundation and noted the significance of such a programme in contributing to the “holistic development” of the youth.
“Youth development programmes are geared towards improving the fundamental, physical, developmental and social needs and position youth as leaders in the community, organisations and domains where decision making takes
place,” she said. “Through youth leadership programmes, young people are able to gain the skills and knowledge that bolster critical thinking, problem-solving, as well as civic engagement.”
Another forum, Level 2, will commence on April 6 and culminate on April 29. The Annual Youth Leadership Programme came on stream in 2006, with over 600 youth being trained, to date.

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