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YIDA’s EIA in the hands of DCA


The Development Control Authority (DCA) now has in its possession a copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the multi-million dollar Guiana Island Project by YIDA development.
Chief Town and Country Planner Frederick Southwell said yesterday, he received a copy of the document on Thursday.
He said a copy was sent to the Environment Division, which had requested the assessment as well as a hydrological study.
Southwell said his department is now awaiting a review report from the division.
“Those recommendations will be passed on to the developer. Usually, a few recommendations, at least for big project like this, are included,” Southwell said.
Last September, the DCA issued a stop order for the project, after Yida went behind the agency’s back and bulldozed a part of a sugar mill on Guiana Island.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)



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